• Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Type: EDP

size : 100

  • S.R 910.80 (VAT Included)


Cherry Blossom

Fragrance family, Floral Fruity

 Inspiration: Cherry Blossom was created to celebrate the image of the  Japanese woman. It takes inspiration from the centuries-old tradition of  "Hanami" in Japan, when friends and family would picnic under Sakura trees  to relax and appreciate the beautiful view of the cherry blossom 'clouds',  whilst their delicate scent lingered in the breeze. Under these Sakura trees, at  cheerful feasts, folk of all backgrounds would lunch and drink sake in whilst  taking in the view of the beautiful flowers surrounding them. A flirtatious and playful scent for a feminine woman. 

. Ingredient: Bergamot,  Orange, Pink  Peppercorn,Cherry Blossom,  Osmanthus, Peony,  Rose,Musk, Sandalwood

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