• Riviera Lazuli
  • Riviera Lazuli

Riviera Lazuli

Type: EDP

size : 100ML

  • S.R 966.00
  • S.R 676.20 (VAT Included)

Moments of pure bliss are suspended in time as rays of sunlight warm the azure hued water. An
emblematic Riva Aquarama moves languidly through the dream-like scene as the sun hugs its
wooden curves. Sprays of salt water revive the spirit, while a tart citronade provides all the
refreshment you need.
Riviera Lazuli brings these moments to life with a fresh perspective. Precious woods
complement citrus notes, while incense and hints of dried immortelle provide warmth with a
touch of caramel spice. The scent of driftwood and sun-kissed skin permeate the air.
This moment stays with you, transformed into a picture postcard memory. A scent of pure
indulgence and tantalising refreshment.
Note : The etymology of the word azure comes from the brightly blue hued mineral Lapis Lazuli. Lapis
means stone in Latin and Lazuli comes from the Greek lazour and before this from Persian lājward, the
name of the stone in Persian but also the place where it was mined. These semi precious blue stones
were traded from Afghanistan through to Europe along the Silk Road over 2000 years ago.

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