• Pomelo Riviera
  • Pomelo Riviera

Pomelo Riviera

Type: EDP

size : 100ML

  • S.R 966.00
  • S.R 676.20 (VAT Included)

Overlooking the jewelled azure sea, sits a beautiful villa and a secluded garden. An
abundance of citrus trees laden with fruits and fragrant flowers creates a vivid portrait of a
paradise found. A gentle sea breeze brings refreshment and a crystalline scent, tinged with
salt, sun and the promise of memorable moments.
A natural synergy between the tart refreshment of bergamot and the silky smoothness of
orange blossom, jasmine and rose creates a serendipitous moment. The radiant zest of
punchy pomelo mixed with beams of sunlight is simple, yet enchantingly seductive with an
easy allure.
Pomelo Riviera is a fragrance to evoke the glow of lightly bronzed summer skin and never
ending summer days and nights.
Relaxation, enjoyment and simple pleasures. Memories made to last.

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